In the cloud

The most cost effective and reliable way for a SMB to implement communication and recording solutions is to host them with a cloud service provider like Edigin. The overhead and cost of installing a traditional business phone system and recorder as well as maintenance and long term support costs can be completely avoided.

The Edigin cloud services provide quick and easy setup. This gives your business all the communication features you need without all the headaches. In addition, allowing you to avoid high up front costs.

VoIP business phone service

VoIP business phone service has many names such as Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX, and Virtual PBX. What these terms really mean is you do not need to have a business phone system or PBX in the telecom closet anymore to get business class phone features.

Edigin delivers Cloud PBX phone services over your Internet connection using VoIP technology. Our virtual PBX phone service is easy to manage and expand, connects all your remote employees, and provides your company with business class features at an affordable price.

Unify employees – Connect all home, office, remote, and traveling employees on the same phone system so that everyone is just an extension call away.

Save money – Initial phone system investment can be avoided as well as ongoing maintenance costs. Your monthly phone bill will also be lower.

Bundle and simplify – Get your phones, calling features, local, long distance, internet faxing, and call recording from one company.

Expand anytime – Add extensions as your business and staff continue growing.

Apple iPhone and Google Android call recording

Today’s mobile workforce presents a challenge to most company recording policies. Many businesses choose to implement call forwarding or a “follow me” service to an employee’s mobile phone or an employee is making outbound business calls from their mobile phone. Ensuring that these calls are recorded and can be accessed by a supervisor is a big problem. Edigin has solved this problem by providing cloud based mobile recording for both Apple iPhone and Google Android.

Calls are not recorded locally on the phone. Recording does not require a third party hardware device connected, “Blue Tooth”, or a conference call be setup. Mobile phone calls are routed through an Edigin data center so that the calls can be recorded in the cloud and reviewed by your staff.


Record on demand via conferencing

If you occasionally need to record a call, either on your business or mobile phone, Edigin’s recording via conference is a great solution. You simply conference in a dedicated Edigin number to capture the recording. This does not require any apps being installed on your mobile phone or any software installed on your computer. You simply need to be able to create a conference call from your phone. It is that simple. You can then access your recordings from your desktop or mobile.

Inbound call tracking and recording

Inbound call tracking allows you to track your marketing campaign effectiveness by assigning a unique toll free or local number to each campaign. By assigning a unique number to each advertising campaign, you are able to track all phone calls back to the campaign that generated the call. This allows you to determine which advertising campaigns are producing leads, make smarter decisions based on results, and get a better understanding of what works for you.

Call recording on your inbound call tracking allows you to listen to calls, to coach and train your staff, evaluate leads, and capture customer details. Recordings can be searched using dozens of different parameters, emailed, saved, exported, annotated with comments, and evaluated using our agent evaluation package.


Hybrid hosted recording on existing service

The Edigin hosted platform is our SVRX enterprise solution, implemented in a cloud strategy, delivering SaaS (Software as a Service) to the end user in a secure, redundant and economical package that includes call recording, contact management, reporting, agent evaluation and more.

If you are happy with your current phone service provider, or locked into a contract, but either they don’t offer call recording or it does not work as advertised, Edigin can record your calls using our hybrid recording solution. We provide you with software and devices to connect to your existing phone service, record the audio locally, and then transfer the recordings to our cloud service for search, playback, reporting, and analysis.