Screen Recording

iStock_000033350224LargeEdigin screen recording helps improve the operational efficiency of your organization. You may discover the response time of the applications they are using is extremely slow, or that they need more training. Watching a video of an agent interacting with their desktop software is the fastest way to identify both workflow issues and training issues.

Synchronized audio and video playback provides insight into an agent’s ability to function within applications. Problem areas can be quickly identified, improving your business process flow.

Screen recording can continue for a configurable period after a call has ended. This allows you to observe an agent complete the process associated with the customer.

Recordings of customer interactions can provide one of the best sources of training material for your organization. Video examples from your top performers can be used as training sessions for the rest of your staff.


  • Single, dual, and triple screen suppor
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services, and VMWare Desktop Pools supported.
  • Synchronized audio and video in a synchronized compressed file. Audio recording also available for download separately.
  • Configurable frame rate and wrap up time.
  • Scheduled transfer for off peak network transfer.
  • Encryption available so sensitive client data is protected
  • No performance impact on agent computer