Recording Solutions

WorkOur recording solutions offers a complete range of integrated modules consisting of audio recording, agent evaluation and training, screen recording, reporting, and contact management.

Edigin’s SVRX supports clustering environments where the telephony infrastructure is distributed for purposes of redundancy. Having native clustering support built into the product eliminates costly duplicate licensing and increases reliability and uptime.

Edigin solutions are currently operating in single and multi-site environments and are designed from the ground up for unlimited scalability.

iconTelephone Audio Recording

The SVRX has an audio recording interface for every VoIP, digital, and analog device supporting both full-time recording for compliance and record on demand for quality assurance monitoring. To keep your customer’s personal information safe, the SVRX offers multiple levels of encryption.


  • Efficiently play calls with the quick play button
  • Flag and set a label for any call
  • View comments and evaluation scores
  • Identify calls by: agent, date, time, length, caller ID, dialed number, and custom la
  • Supports: Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel, Tadiran
  • Also supports many other platforms

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When a recording is viewed full screen, using the web based client software, a full featured media player is available. Each feature set is contained in separate sections, that can be collapsed and expanded as needed.

  1. Playback controls
  3. Custom fields
  4. Labels
  5. Flags
  6. Email
  8. Evaluation

iconAgent Evaluation, Training, and Testing

Improve agent performance with the SVRX agent evaluation module. Supervisors can control playback while evaluating the call, taking advantage of the bookmark feature for efficient coaching. Immediately identify pass and fail scores by color coded percentage on the playback and search results screen.


In addition to having unlimited evaluation forms, multiple answer options, bonus questions, and disqualifier questions, the evaluation module has built in training and testing that can be triggered based on category scores.

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iconScreen Recording

The Edigin SVRX synchronized audio and video playback will allow your organization to gain insight into an agent’s ability to function within applications on single, dual or triple screens. This can be seen while listening to the recorded call of your agent interacting with the customer.


Customers can combine screen recording with the evaluation module to increase operational efficiency of the agent while on a call and during wrap up.

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The Edigin SVRX offers a customizable report builder to increase your bottom line by effectively delivering call data for manager analysis. Efficiently identify trends, progress, and opportunities for improvement by evaluating performance of agents and groups in relation to your organization. Each report can be used to create charts in a variety of different formats, printed, and emailed.


Report formats are included for out of the box, ready to run reporting. These formats can be used to create custom reports and charts. Report layouts can be saved for convenience. Charts include a variety of formats including: Area, Bar, Column, Doughnet, Line, Pie, Point, as well as others.

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iconContact Management

The Edigin customer management module will reduce your operating cost and drive revenue while providing real-time visibility of centralized information in a web based client.

With minimal training, agents can accurately document customer interaction in the web based tool. Features available include custom fields, notes, quotes, and calls. Follow up calls are easily managed through call scheduling. Quotes can be assigned to a contact while forecast tools enable agents and management to better predict, manage, and analyze the sales pipeline.

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