Agent Evaluation and Training

iStock_000047304220LargeEdigin’s agent evaluation provides coaching, training, and analysis. While playing recordings, a supervisor can evaluate and score agents. These evaluations provide employees targeted feedback to help them improve performance. Using agent evaluation helps identify weakness, opportunities to improve, and allows for targeted corrective action.

Multiple question types and assigning custom values to an answer are included. You can create unlimited forms, questions, and answers. Bonus and disqualifier question types are available when creating forms.

Multiple supervisors can evaluate a recording to provide calibration. Completed evaluations can be printed and emailed. Supervisors can be notified by email if an agent has failed a configurable number of evaluations over a given period of time.

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Customers often only need to evaluate a percentage of an agent’s recordings. Our evaluation solution can automatically queue a configurable number of calls, at random, based on criteria. The criteria can be unique for each agent, if desired. Supervisors access the queue and simply evaluate selected recordings. Multiple supervisors can work from the same queue to finish evaluating recordings.


Training and testing is included that triggers based on category scores. The test creation tool can be used to create custom questions and answers. A test is associated with an evaluation form category and will be triggered when that particular category is failed. The software will notify an agent by email to complete training and testing. Training may include websites, documents, or recordings. Once training is completed, a test can be completed.

Analysis of the evaluation scores provides great insight into the operation of a customer service center. Customizable reports not only provide both individual and group scores, of both evaluations and tests, they allow you to identify areas of weakness on different teams or individuals. You can quickly access how well employees are performing and identify areas that require improvement.