Edigin customers have access to new releases of software, allowing them to keep current with all the latest features. Both our “Gold” and “Platinum” support packages come with free software updates. The Edigin customer support center allows instant access to the latest downloads.

The only difference in our “Gold” and “Platinum” plans is the hours of the day you can get support. “Platinum” includes 24/7 support where “Gold” provides 8am to 5pm support. Edigin “Gold” support is free the first year.

We like hearing from our customers any time they need assistance. Whether it is a feature request, question on how to use the product, help with an update, or submission of a trouble ticket.

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We provide three ways for customers to contact us:

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iconProfessional Services

Most recording installations do not require custom integration, but if you have a unique environment that requires something special, our engineering team can provide you with a custom integration. We will quote you a fixed price on any project. Please call with any questions.

Although our products are extremely intuitive and easy to use, we offer web based and on-site training. Ask your sales representative for a quote today.


Both onsite and do it yourself installation are an option with our products. Onsite includes a factory trained technician arriving at your location to install the system and provide training. The do it yourself option allows you to use an in-house technician or your local phone vendor for the hands on portion of the install while we offer training remotely via Internet. Our Customer Support Center provides all the online documentation you need to wire and configure your new system.